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Planted originally in 1998, our seed has sprouted and evolved into an all-inclusive resource firm specializing in marketing, promotions, and client-specific distribution. Flourishing in the heart of Atlanta, we maintain an ear to the beat and buzz of the business and entertainment scene.


PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION - local, regional, national programs that are scalable and include retail support, chain stores and independents, distribution of cds, dvds, books, and specialty products

 DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION - online stores, digital download sites, UPD online store portal, includes small boutique stores and industry leaders such as Emusic, Rhapsody, and iTunes.

MOBILE CONTENT DISTRIBUTION - SMS, Text Message Market Campaigns, RingTones, VideoTones and Wallpaper to all mobile carriers such as Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, ATT, and T- Mobile.

SPECIALTY/MISC. INDUSTRY - Apply our proven sales and placement system to virtually any product. Our services, network, and distribution services allow us a product (tangible or intangible) concept or idea and gain placement in different industries (books/print media, clothing, grocery, pet and technology)

UPD distribution services ensure that our clients receive the information and support they need to be successful and competitive. Our professional sales staff connects your title(s) to buyers, support personnel, and advertising specialists that can help you place your titles for success.

UPD works with its clients to support all sizes and types of companies. We put your product into a specialized network that allows you to manage your title(s) by providing accurate and timely reporting. This aids in the ability to monitor certain sales trends, the effectiveness of specific marketing efforts, and the overall success of your product.

We offer professional support to assist you with the placement of advertising and other merchandising opportunities. This includes online marketing, target consumer marketing, Internet awareness campaigns, in-store touring/testing, print on demand services, and access to our extensive network of corporate chain, independent, and online stores. Our distribution services are unique, personal and comprehensive to every product. For all of your needs, our network promises to be one that is thorough and delivering.

     We can:      We offer:
  • Assist you in developing a marketing and sales plan
  • Identify your core audience and buyers
  • Support your product and establish the awareness thereof
  • Generate sales via internet, direct mail, and telesales
  • Work your project to gain shelf space throughout the designated areas whether local, regional or national
  • A Comprehensive Program
  • Detailed Information and Support
  • Advertising Specialists
  • Title Placement
  • Monitoring and Tracking
  • Provision of Accurate and Timely Reports
  • Advertising and Retail Program Management

     Brick & Mortar Outlets We Give You Access To:
FYE (For Your Entertainment)
Planet Music
Best Buy
Streetside records
Spec's Music
Sam Goody Strawberries
Wal Mart
CD World
Second Spin
The Wall
Circuit City
Harmony House
Record Town
Major Independents and Top Mom and Pop's throughout the US

     Digital Outlets We Give You Access To:
Real Networks (Rhapsody)
Virgin Mobile USA
Zingy, Inc.
InfoSpace Mobile
Buongiorno Vitaminic SPA
eMusic MobileStreams (UK)
GrooveMobile (US and EU)
T-Online (Germany/EU)
Yamaha Corporation
Audio Lunchbox
Liquid Digital Media
Altnet, Inc.
Ruckus Network, Inc.
VirginMega SAS (France)
iTunes Video (US)
Verizon Wireless
Phonofile (Denmark)
MusicNet (AOL)
Apple (iTunes)
Sony Connect, Inc.
Starbucks Corporation
Dwango Wireless
Virtual Music Stores (UK)
ACL Wireless (India)
Amp'd Mobile
Microsoft MSN
Loudeye Corp.
9 Squared
Star Search Group (Samsung)(Korea/China)
Hudson Entertainment (the Source ringtone sites)
Yahoo! (including services run under Launch and MusicMatch brands) Sweet Basil International (JAPAN)
Mobile Content Delivery (marketing, ring tones, contests, etc.) to major cell phone carriers throughout the World

-For new content that you wish to be added to our system: distribution@goupd.com

-For current clients seeking information on your titles or content: clientservices@goupd.com

-For previous clients seeking information in reference to a dated or previous account: retention@goupd.com

-If you believe that you are due a royalty check or other form of payment from UPD: accounting@goupd.com