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With many services and resources as a part of our ever expanding network, at UPD we NAVIGATE our clients through many stages of their business growth and development.

We Distribute the following via digital and/or physical:

Planted originally in 1998, our seed has sprouted and evolved into an all-inclusive resource firm specializing in marketing, promotions, and client-specific distribution. Flourishing in the heart of Atlanta, we maintain an ear to the beat and buzz of the business and entertainment scene.

As a UPD client, you gain access to a comprehensive network of carefully nurtured relationships. It gives UPD the power to guide you to the next level and/or maintain an existing level of success. We quickly navigate you from idea to implementation. The aim is to make your featured products/concepts become noteworthy top-sellers and to continue to be a value to retail buyers, customers, and consumers alike.

By our many links and roots throughout the country, UPD is fast becoming the medium of choice for Atlanta, the Southeast region and the nation as a whole. Our staff maintains the highest level of accessibility, professionalism, and customer care. As your "Company’s Company” we seek to provide quality service and protect your assets (copyrights, capital, image, identity, etc.).

We create the necessary tools for building a successful marketing, promotional, branding, and sales campaigns for any product/concept. This is done by establishing client-specific models that aid in increasing visibility, consumer awareness, and ultimately the ability to increase revenue for our clients and strategic partners.

You have, at your service, strategic consulting, planning, monitoring of trends, advertising, media exposure (print, television, radio, etc.), sales tracking, mobile content delivery & more! We create initiatives that help meet your objectives and render results. Plug in to UPD and GET CONNECTED.

Our Network Covers the US and 115 other countries across the Globe.

We Distribute to 99.99% of Online Retailers to Include:

special program for artists/labels- limited time offer

We are currently offering a program for individual artists. Our AUX - Music For Life Program for Artist and Labels. As detailed below:

  • Comprehensive Program that Allows You to Grow Organically
  • Up to 600 online outlets covering 99.99% of the online retail sector
  • Video placements, Streaming, Monetization
  • We help you make money with your Music, TV, Film or Video Content
  • Title Placement, Monitoring and Tracking with Detailed Information and Support
  • Provision of Accurate and Timely Reports
  • High payouts and direct deposit!!
  • Access to Our Network
  • Providing Social Media Marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & more!!
  • Assist you in developing a marketing and sales plan
  • Identify and help you reach your core audience and buyers
  • Support your product and establish the awareness/exposure needed to sell
  • Programs that Generate Sales via internet, cyberspace and merchandising
  • Promote, market and advertise online
  • Share your content with our growing target audience of 1M music listeners, lovers and enthusiasts
  • Publicity, PR/Media, Promotions (Major Blogs, Press, Radio, DJs)
  • Artist Development (Image/EPK, Photo, Audio, Video, Performance)
  • Tour/Performance Opportunities
  • Access to Investors, Financing and Capital Resources
  • ISRCS, Barcoding, Retail, Radio and Venue Registrations

With major distribution channels and turnkey programs we are comprehensive to every release. For all of your needs, our network and developing retail platform promises to be one that is thorough and delivering tools for success